I’ve Been Waiting In Line So Long…

Just before our trip to New Orleans, I was waiting in a long line at the currency exchange office for a good 35-40 minutes. Of course, that was not a problem in itself, that is part of the fun of getting ready for a trip. But had the office not been so warm while I was wearing my winter coat, I might not have been drifting off into my own little writing world thinking of punchlines for “I’ve been waiting so long in line… (blank)

(For my fellow game show fans, it’s a little like Match Game)

I’ve been waiting in line so long…

– My skip-a-day deodorant needs to be reapplied
– I need to take my next one-a-day vitamin
– A mortgage payment just went through
– I’ve completed all levels in Candy Crush
– I’ve watched YouTube… All of it.
– My “daily defence” moisturizer surrendered.
– My iPhone says I am missing 91 app updates
– I am ready for my next haircut
– My outfit is now considered retro
– My passport has expired
– My library books are overdue
– My Blockbuster movies are overdue… waaaay overdue
– Scientists have found two more planets, and Pluto is really pissed!
– My partner texted me that my next selection in the book of the month club arrived.
– My partner texted me that my first pension cheque has arrived too… and last time I checked , I was still employed.
– My laptop is bugging me to download my Windows 20 updates.
– The baby in front of me has his full set of adult teeth now.
– Century 21 changed its sign to Century 22
– My credit card expired
– My lip balm expired
– Baskin Robbins added new flavours
– The “18-hour girdle” worn by the lady 3 people behind me went into overtime
– A car just flew by
– My eyeglass prescription has changed
– The couple behind me asked me to be the godfather of their child.
– The walls suddenly need a coat of paint
– All of the overhead lights have burned out
– The dollar went above and below par six times
– New countries were added to the currency list.
– My arthritis flared up… and I didn’t have arthritis when I got in line
– I need a new hip

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