You Know It Was a Good Vacation When…

Isn’t it wonderful when you have enjoyed your vacation time to its fullest and completely immersed yourself in activities that were so far removed from your day-to-day routine… to the point of forgetting the details of your day-to-day routine?

That being the case, you know it was a good vacation when…

Ice Bar, Stockholm, 2005

You have a hard time falling asleep on cue, to wake up in time for the return to your regular morning routine.

You wake up with muscle or joint stiffness but no recollection of what could have caused it.

The prospect of wearing long pants again makes you cringe.

The prospect of preparing a lunch-to-go makes you cringe even more.

You overshoot your morning routine prep time by half an hour.

Even your pets are seemingly sad to see you go back to the regular routine.

You’re not freaked out by the guy who cuts you off in traffic on your first morning commute.

You miss your offramp.

You forget your office security pass for your first day back.

You forget how the elevator works (i.e., swipe security pass, then push button).

You forget what floor number to push.

You forget what direction to go once you get off the elevator.

You forget how the security doors work.

You can’t remember your multiple computer passwords.

You can’t remember your office phone number.

You can’t remember your office fax number.

You forgot that you don’t have a fax number anymore.

Your own filing system is suddenly confusing to you.

You swear someone moved the icons on your desktop.

You remain unfazed by the hundreds of emails waiting for you upon your return.

You can’t remember the intricate details of what you were working on before you left.

You’re not hungry at noon on the dot as you were before the vacation time.

At 1:00 pm, brain fog.

At 2:00 pm, all you can think about is the “siesta” you usually took when you were on vacation.

You seemingly forgot how to type, given the abundance of typos.

You’re not freaked out by the guy who cuts you off in traffic on your first afternoon commute.

On the errands on the way home, when the cashier asks “will there be anything else?” you answer “dos cervezas, por favor.”

You’re overjoyed when people ask if you’ve been on vacation “…because you look so relaxed and rejuvenated”. Then you start wondering what you looked like before you left.

Finally, you know it was a really good vacation when you’re barely home and you are already planning the next one.

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