Top 10 Things About the Cat That Make Me Laugh

IvyAndMeSince the arrival of Ivy the cat in my life last June, there has not been a shortage of good times and good laughs shared in her company… and dare I say, at her expense (just don’t tell her that!)

Here they are, the Top 10 things about the cat that make me laugh.

10-The above picture
It must be just the angle of the picture, but this one really adds validity to what they say about “the camera adds 10 pounds”, which must be a real bitch when you only weigh 9 pounds to begin with.

9-The look she gives me when I eat a can of tuna

I secretly admit that when NO ONE is looking, every once in a while, I will eat tuna right of the can. It saves on dishes and is awfully expedient and efficient in the delivery of quick protein. However, I can appreciate how much it looks like Miss Ivy’s smaller cans of food and can understand the glare she gives me when she catches me in the act, when she goes into that cat stealth mode that she does so well. The loud meow of “AHA! GOTCHA!” is enough to make your blood freeze. I may have to stop that.

8-Blocking the sandbag
When I picked her up from the pet store, they gave me one of the toys that she played with, a little cat-sized sandbag that is the perfect size for playing “catch” (or at least her version, run after it and walk away). What has blown me away is her vertical jump to block a throw and then kick it off her hind leg… someday I will get it on film and post it as it is a stunning athletic feat. Clearly she does not get that eye-hand coordination from her adoptive Dad.

7-The just woke up voice (tied with) the just woke up look
I love it when I’m home on the weekend and she wakes up from her afternoon nap. Not only does she have the same blank stare as a human might have when the brain cells are just igniting for the first time after waking up, but her “just woke up” meow is equally priceless, combining off key notes and tones as smooth as sandpaper.

6-Vegetable avoidance
Ivy is a carnivore through and through. When I first brought her home, one of her favourite foods was a “chicken soup” style meal which she would devour but she would eat around the little peas and carrots. When I would check on her bowl, there were always 4 little peas and 4 little pieces of carrot left. At first it was cute, but little did I know that her vegetable strike would escalate to what it is today, looking at a bowl containing visible vegetables, sliding her paw on the floor to make a line and walking away.

5-Her slow motion backwards walk
I don’t know where cats learn this stuff, but when comes in contact with something she is really not sure about, she has this stunning slow motion backwards walk. Again, I really should try to get this one recorded for posterity because it really is priceless, but it’s like she thinks that if she moves away slowly, whatever-it-is won’t jump out to bite her.

4-When she shakes herself while meowing
… just like a cartoon character!

3-When she conveniently leaves something that needs “service” in my path
One of her favourite toys is an “exercise ball” that I fill with kibble, which she pushes around in the basement, which releases a piece of kibble as a reward every few steps. More often than not, when it is empty, she leaves it at the bottom of the stairs as if to ensure I do not miss it… and that I must refill it before her next round of play.

2-Meows after eating a pâté-style cat food
After pâté style food which can have a bit of a sticky texture, if she hasn’t fully swallowed it and she starts meowing, she gets a bit of a Kermit the Frog tone going that kills me every time. It’s a lot like if a human ate peanut butter or something of that style, and didn’t fully wash it down.

1-When she runs down the stairs while meowing
I don’t quite understand her fascination with the basement, but a few months ago I realized that she would finish the bowls of food consumed there whereas in the kitchen, she would leave leftovers and meow for more for more food… most bizarre. If the basement is her favourite place, who am I to question that (she is training me, after all, right?). The nightly journey of bringing her filled food bowl from the kitchen to the basement is met with excited meows of joy and glee which she continues even while galloping down the stairs. The result is a series of meows that sounds just like the giggling of an excited child while running down a hill at top speed. I admit I look forward to it every night!

There is so much to love and to enjoy about having a cat in the family.

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6 responses to “Top 10 Things About the Cat That Make Me Laugh

  1. gratefuldaydreamer

    #9! I can’t use a can opener without a vocal kitty audience. Years ago when I ate tuna, I’d share little bits with my cats. Years have past, yet they still come running if I’m opening a can of coconut milk! It’s crazy how they remember. Also that I always feel a bit guilty I have no tuna to offer. JK (Cue the maniacal laugh)

    • Hi JK
      Your comment made me laugh! I think there is a bit of selective hearing going on here as I can call her name several times and she will stay put, but if I happen to graze the bag of treats while reaching for something else, she will be in the kitchen in less than 5 seconds. It is pretty amazing!
      Thanks for reading and for taking the time to post a comment

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