10 More Things about the Cat That Make Me Laugh

ivyatplayLast year, I dedicated a post to the Top 10 Things about the Cat That Make Me Laugh. A year later, she remains a boundless source of comic relief and a welcome diversion from the preoccupations of adulthood.

Here they are: Ten More Things about the Cat That Make Me Laugh

20- The cat who cried wolf

After almost two years, I am getting pretty good at understanding the subtle inflections of her meows and what they mean. If she meows repeatedly and succeeds in walking me to where she might have a concern (who is training who?), I am usually able to figure out and address the situation. But if I have ruled out issues relating to food, water, litter, sleep, play or her nemesis is at the back window, what else is there? I am convinced that she has learned the art of “crying wolf” just to get some extra attention and getting me to step away from what I am doing. Not so surprisingly, it works.

19- Finding myself trying to explain the story of the cat who cried wolf… to a cat

When I stop myself and realize that I am explaining the story of the cat who cried wolf, I snap myself back into reality upon realizing that I am trying to negotiate with a cat. We all know who wins anyway, right?

18-Galloping during game time

The pure joy she expresses when we start playtime is unmistakable. Her usually gentle, soft footsteps are replaced by the cadence of a prize racehorse, as she gallops around the house running after balls, chasing a piece of yarn or the ever popular laser pointer. I never knew that cats could run quite like that. I don’t get how we never had a series about a bionic cat because I think we have our star right here.

I also discovered that her galloping around the house can also be a sign that #2 is coming soon. I am not sure of the connection, but it seems like more than a coincidence now.

17-Reactions to the camera

Since creating her Instagram account as a means to encourage myself to keep practicing my photography, I have found that when it comes to modeling she has a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde temperament. Some days she will sprawl out, pose, change positions slowly, and let me take dozens of photos in one sitting. She can hold a cute pose like with her chin on her paw or with her paws crossed in a lady-like fashion… it cracks me up every time. But other times, she meows at me, can’t sit still or storms off the set at the first sign of a camera.

16-Cat litter on the elliptical

I came home one night and found traces of cat litter on the elliptical trainer. No wonder she has been looking very fit and trim lately!

15-Scaring the crap out of me

When she isn’t wearing her collar and tags, Ivy has the ability to go into complete stealth mode, walking softly without making a sound. There are times I have been working in the kitchen, very focused on my cooking or baking, only to turn around quickly and gasp out loud upon realizing I was not alone. How does she do it?

14-Her vertical jump

Miss Ivy is not usually one for getting on tables or counters much anymore, except for those rare occasions when she urgently needs my attention. But just the same, when she does, the height of her vertical jump is a sight to behold. Maybe it is because there are a lot of stairs in the house which she seems to forget about and graze over when she is chasing the laser pointer, but she seems fearless in that regard and is developing the skills to jump higher. However, once she is up on the higher surface, and realizes where she is, she definitely gets that “Oh crap” look on her face in trying to find a safe way to get down. Daddy sometimes needs to lend a hand.

13-The closet doors

One day, I came home from work and found a closet meowing. In the last couple of weeks, she seems to have developed the means for opening the sliding closet doors in the bedrooms. As her father, I am so proud of her new discovery and that she has developed a new skill all on her own. However, it is usually behind those closet doors that I hide the things I don’t want her to get into, so my cat-proofing alarm bells are ringing. If I let her do it, but under my supervision, the novelty should wear off pretty soon… I hope!

12-Opening drapes

I don’t know how she does it, but for someone with no real dexterity in her paws, there have been a couple of times when I was surprised to find my drapes open when I least expect it, like when I am coming out of the shower. After a couple of such incidents, the wearing of a robe has now become mandatory attire.

11- A #2 in the shape of a happy face.

Maybe I am projecting a bit with this one, but I swear that not too long ago, she left me a “gift” in the form of two nuggets and a long curved piece just below them, that looked like a happy face. If that doesn’t take your mind off a hard day at work, I don’t know what will.

I didn’t know that my rescue cat had a comedic side, but I am so grateful that she walked into my life, as a reminder to not take life too seriously!


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