Game Changers: Wireless Headphones

wireless headphones in their charging caseShortly after buying a new iPhone 13 to replace my ailing iPhone 7, I rediscovered my love of music in a big way.

In having chosen a model with 256 GB of storage space, I could store my entire music collection on my phone and was able to play any song I wanted, any time I wanted.

Given how the switch to a new phone was caused by a broken connector port, I started looking for ways to reduce wear and tear on the new phone’s port. Given the price of phones, any measure to potentially stretch its life span seemed like a worthwhile undertaking.

First, every time I plugged the power cord into the new phone, I slowed myself down to be as gentle and mindful as possible, trying not the jostle the phone unnecessarily. My moves were so calculated and slow, you’d think that I was handling a priceless artifact. Given the price of phones, that’s probably an accurate comparison.

Second, when I was moving music from iTunes onto the device, to ensure I wasn’t plugging and unplugging the phone repeatedly, I ensured I had my selections ready to transfer in large batches.

Third, I started wondering if wireless headphones would be a good investment. By using the phone’s Bluetooth technology to have the mobile device communicate with headphones maybe that could also help reduce wear and tear on the connector port.

You’d think that as a music lover, I would have already been plugged in to the wonder of wireless headphones. I’m afraid that I hadn’t jumped on that bandwagon yet.

My only progress in the world of headphones was discovering the magic of the noise-cancelling variety, when working in a noisy and busy office. They were an absolute essential to help me deliver time-sensitive administrative masterpieces of the written word.

I admit that I was a little skeptical at first as to whether I would find anything wireless that would work for me. Given my lack of knowledge and experience in that department, I only knew of ear buds that were wireless.

For some reason, ear buds will not stay in my ears, even when I am standing perfectly still and holding my breath. I don’t know if it’s because my ear canals are too big, too small, or oddly shaped, but no amount of online research for tips has been successful. Given the number of web pages dedicated to solutions for ear buds falling out, I am pleased to see that I am probably not the only one.

Of course, running or walking with the big, padded, over-the-ear headphones would quickly turn into a sweaty mess, so that was out.

However, in my half-marathon days, I was successful in finding “sport” ear buds with a hook that went over the ear. I had much better success with those. I wondered if such a thing existed in wireless version.

Sure enough, after a bit of scavenging through a few stores I found some relatively affordable ones at Walmart, just to try them out. Given Covid protocols and the current no-return policy on headphones, I didn’t want to invest a bundle in case things didn’t work out.

What a revelation! What a game changer! Why hadn’t anyone mentioned the extent to which wireless headphones were an incredibly freeing experience?!

My first test was to take them out for a walk on our little rural road. If I could jump up and click my heels without falling and breaking a hip, I would have, as the wireless headphones brought me immediate and incredible joy. And again, the fact that I didn’t have a wire sticking out of my mobile phone can only mean a greater life span for the connector port.

The next day I wore them while tidying the house. I will be the first to admit that I actually enjoy cleaning as I like the instant gratification of seeing a hardwood floor or a stainless steel surface smile back at me. I also appreciate the sense of inner calm it brings when things are in order. But still, listening to energizing music while scrubbing or Swiffering just seems to take the focus off the drudgery part of the equation.

My next experiment was to try them while working in the yard. While I absolutely enjoy the natural sounds of the birds and the breeze through the trees, even in the country, there are days when noises are more mechanical and less natural. When that happens, drowning them out with some enjoyable tunes, without wires in the way, makes light duty yard work even lighter.

All in all, my discovery of wireless headphones was pretty life changing. In removing the wires from the musical experience, not only can I enjoy background music for some activities where it was simply impractical before, but I hope that using Bluetooth rather than the connector port will help extend the life span of my new iPhone… especially given the price of phones these days!

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