50 Reasons to Love Music

1- Music can pick up a listener’s mood when they’re feeling down.
2- Music can help a listener to relax when they’re feeling wound up.
3- Music can help set the mood for any activity.
4- In the morning, the right song can help set the pace for the whole day.
5- The right music can make traffic jams more bearable.
6- The right background music can make a movie a masterpiece.
7- A game show would not be as much fun if it didn’t have the right background music.
8- A horror movie would not be as enjoyable without the appropriate background music.
9- Music is a great conversation starter.
10- Music makes people want to move.
11- Music makes exercise more fun.
12- Music can help make housecleaning fun (though I think some might disagree).
13- Music can help bring people together.
14- Music is universal and can transcend boundaries.
15- With music, there really is something for everyone.
16- Music can raise awareness.
17- Music can tell a story.
18- Music can teach.
19- Music can commemorate history.
20- Music can be about pure escapism and entertainment.
21- Music can make someone sing, whether they want to or not and whether they are good at it or not.
22- Music can make someone laugh.
23- Music is incredibly versatile. With a slightly different arrangement or instrumentation, a song can sound completely new.
24- Music has helped many people earn a living.
25- Music can evoke a sense of nostalgia and place a listener back in time.
26- Music can help trigger memories of events that happened when a song was popular.
27- Music can help define a period, an era or a generation.
28- A song can have an impact on multiple generations.
29- Music can help people find their own voices.
30- Music can help boost confidence.
31- Excellent music, performed brilliantly, can evoke a sense of awe.
32- Excellent music, performed brilliantly, can bring with it a sense of euphoria.
33- Music can be an outlet.
34- Music can be enjoyed at any age.
35- Music can be performed at any age.
36- Music can be composed at any age.
37- A song can be enjoyed over and over, and the listener can still find something new with it.
38- While some music is very representative of a time, some music is timeless. Some masterpieces can be both.
39- As a writer, steady, gentle instrumental music has helped me maintain a better flow of ideas than if I was writing in complete silence.
40- Music can help with meditation.
41- Music can be an important part of traditions.
42- Music can be an important part of celebrations.
43- Music can help people through adversity.
44- Music can help to process one’s emotions.
45- Music can be comforting.
46- Music can inspire.
47- Music can resonate with listeners.
48- Music can influence.
49- Music can bring joy.
50- For all of the wonderful music I have enjoyed over the years, I am extremely grateful to the promoters, the producers, the engineers and most of all, the artists.

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