Top 10 Things I Like to Do on a Long Weekend

10- Slow down the pace

To me there is nothing better than just chilling, listening to classical music, sipping coffee and enjoying the peaceful silence of a holiday morning when everything is closed. Monday to Friday is always so busy. The extra day in a long weekend is for me, an extra chance to recharge.

9- Give the cat some extra attention… when she is looking for it

Usually by mid-day Monday on a long weekend, Miss Ivy is a little sick of having me around, but I’m certain she appreciates the bonus time to play and spend time together.

8- Indulge a little

While I generally stick to a healthy eating plan, a long weekend is a nice opportunity to break up the routine and maybe have a “cheat day”… especially if the long weekend includes a major holiday that involves feasting.

7- Reading

Usually, I read before going to bed. But whenever the opportunity arises to chill and read in the morning or the middle of the day is a serendipitous pleasure every time. Long weekends seem to offer that freedom of extra time to slow down the pace and check out a good book.


First thing in the morning is what I would consider to be my peak time for writing. On a long weekend, with three mornings to work with, having the extra time to write is a huge gift.


Need I say more?

4-Time with friends and family

Long weekends are often synonymous with invitations for brunches and barbecues, a great time to meet up with family and friends, catch up on each other’s news and reconnect.


On long weekends, I seem to find time to squeeze in an extra workout, or else to add a few more minutes to an already planned workout to challenge myself a bit. Hopefully this will compensate for #8.

2-Time outdoors

It doesn’t really matter whether it is for a run or a walk in the park or for weeding the garden, I love the extra time offered to connect with nature and regain my grounding.

1- Nothing!… and not feel guilty about it!

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