Ten Ways I Would Explain the Feelings of Creativity

creativityHow would you explain the sensations and feelings of creativity? Here are some points of reference I would suggest:

1. When I was a kid, my parents had a multi-band radio that, in addition to AM and FM, it had “short wave” and “marine band”. I fondly remember hours spent slowly turning the tuner knob with the attention to detail of a safe cracker, listening to what distant channels I could get on a clear day when there was little interference. When I am feeling at my most creative and my instincts seem to be at their sharpest, it is like tuning in to a station and discovering a channel transmitting from hundreds of miles away and picking up a very clear signal.

2. When I am creating art and the elements of the project start coming together, for me, it’s like the rush I used to get in school, when I would be writing an exam and somehow knew all the answers off the top of my head. It is a sense of being on auto-pilot, when the words are coming but you aren’t quite sure where they are coming from, but it feels right nonetheless.

3. When trying to fall asleep and the little creative voice keep pitching ideas at me, feelings come over me ranging from frustration and irritation that the little voice won’t go to sleep, but also excitement and delight when I am able to get the ideas all transcribed and saved preciously for another day.

4. Time stands still and time flies by… at the same time.

5. Establishing a logical flow in ideas in a written work, is much like the feeling I get when I prepare a meal with several individual elements yet successfully synchronize the timing of the dishes so that they are all hot and ready at the same time.

6. Similarly, when the right order of ideas is established, it feels like the same satisfaction I get when I successfully solved a mystery or some kind of puzzle, like assembling a piece of furniture from IKEA.

7. When an idea hits me that ties elements together perfectly in a very nice neat package, it is the same feeling I get when I find an article of clothing that fits in all the right places, looks flattering in all the right places, ties together outfits masterfully and makes me feel like a million bucks.

8. When the ideas for a perfect ending hit me, I would compare it to the same feeling I get when I have finished a great workout and feel completely energized from it.

9. The pure euphoria I feel when I was able to create something out of nothing, based on something I saw in my dreams, in my imagination or just rattling around in my head and was able to do it successfully. The ability to convert thought into a creative product is a rush beyond compare.

10. Then, to be able to take something I have produced and then to connect with someone else… That’s a powerful feeling, which also elicits deep feelings of honour, privilege and gratitude.

How about you? How would you describe or compare the feelings of creativity?

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