Top 10 Things That Murphy’s Law Taught Me


10 – Things entitled “easy instructions”, “so simple even a child can do it” or “5 simple steps”, rarely are.

9 – The days I am running late for work are the days the cat will plop down in front of the door or the staircase as if to say “You’re not going anywhere, Mister”.

8 – The days I have an eye appointment and will receive the pupil dilating drops, it is guaranteed that it will be a bright sunny day and never a single cloud in the sky.

7 – No matter how much advance research I make before a major purchase, people will only share their worst horror stories about a product AFTER I’ve made the purchase.

6 – The less time I have for something, the longer it will take.

5 – The day I bring a lunch that includes a generous supply of garlic in the ingredients, is the day that there will be an unexpected emergency meeting at 1:00, and I will run out of breath mints.

4 – I always travel with an umbrella. But the one or two days of the year that I forget, it will rain.

3 – No matter how many days, weeks or months of research I do, management will find a way of asking the one question I forgot.

2 – The precise moment I commit to buying a case of wet cat food to save a little money, is the same moment my cat decides that it is no longer her favourite.

1 – Never board an elevator on a full bladder, thinking “it’s a short ride”. That is the most likely time that all the buttons will get accidentally pushed or, worse yet, that the elevator stops unexpectedly.

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2 responses to “Top 10 Things That Murphy’s Law Taught Me

  1. This was quite funny. #6 happens to me far too often!

    • Hi Lydia! I am delighted that you enjoyed it and that #6 resonated with you. It’s always encouraging to hear when a blog succeeds in reaching readers! My sincere thanks, Andre

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