Only the Finest Ingredients Go Into Every Blog

IngredientsWelcome to my kitchen, or my writing studio, whichever you prefer. When it comes to writing a blog, I find that much like in cooking, using the best ingredients is key to ensuring a quality finished product:

First, I start with the finest quality nouns and adjectives I can find. Descriptive, colourful and meaningful, they serve as a solid foundation for the articles and stories I would like to share with my guests.

Next, I like to use some well-chosen active verbs to help the blog rise and to give it the texture needed to keep guests engaged.

I understand that many of you try to limit your intake of adverbs these days, so let me assure you that my blogs are suitable for adverb-reduced diets.

To help the blog posts achieve their peak of flavour, I highly recommend freshly picked thoughts and perspectives from your own garden. Keep in mind that you can always pull thoughts and perspectives out of the freezer for historical pieces and memorabilia pieces, as long as they were flash frozen and not tainted by years of storage.

For the richest, most flavourful blogs, I prefer story lines started from seedlings and allowed to grow organically until they are ripe for picking even if it takes months or years.

I can’t stress enough that artificial fillers like hyperbole, are kept to a strict minimum to ensure purity in the finished product. Also, metaphors and similes are carefully selected and used in limited quantities, but have been known to add a bit of complexity in flavours.

I also try to limit the use of spicy language to ensure the real flavour and quality of the words come through. If any spicy language is to be added, it will be used sparingly and only to accentuate flavours, not to overpower them.

If you are like me, blog posts vary when it comes to the amount of time they take to marinate. Some are quickly prepared and achieve their peak in no time at all, while others need a lot of research and development work to achieve the desired consistency. Trust me, if you leave your blog to marinate a little, the quality in the finished product will speak for itself.

I could write a whole blog just on the fermentation process alone, as this can be a complex process. Fermentation has its own ebb and flow and requires skill to work with Mother Nature in this regard.

The cooking process is also an interesting challenge as some blog posts have their flavours brought out through the use of a low dry heat over several hours, while others reach perfection just a short time under the broiler. It really depends on the ingredients and how long they take to simmer.

For garnish, I like to use the occasional pun, humour or even alliteration, whatever seems most appropriate in the moment to give it a little extra personality. Let your creativity run wild but allow logic to be your conscience to ensure it works with the other ingredients.

I try to keep invasive ingredients like “piss and vinegar”, sour milk and bitters out of my kitchen, but I confess I am human and they may seep in from time to time in a moment of weakness.

And of course, let’s not forget punctuation. It is of critical importance to allow the words to rest and breathe before moving on to the next sentence or paragraph. Your punctuation will help improve the overall presentation of the final product too.

Dear guests, a good blog is meant to be savoured slowly alongside a wonderful beverage whether a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, delicately steeped tea or perhaps a delightful pinot grigio or merlot. Feel free to experiment and try different pairings to see which one appeals to you most and brings out the full flavours of the blog.

Bon appétit. Happy reading.

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3 responses to “Only the Finest Ingredients Go Into Every Blog

  1. hemasmixedbag

    This was brilliant! Adverb reduced diet made me laugh!

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