The Cat Bed Dilemma

To get Ivy a cat bed or not… that is the question.

Since we adopted each other almost one year ago, I have checked a few books and web sites on cat care to see what they say on the topic. I think the general consensus is that a cat bed is a good thing.

But I cannot tell you how many times I have looked at cat beds in pet stores and home furnishings stores asking myself if I am a horrible father for not getting Miss Ivy a cat bed of her own.

But then I go into a bit of sticker shock when I see cat beds …at the foot of cat trees, with hammocks intersecting into a network of tunnels, ramps and bridges. Suddenly the cat bed has turned into a major infrastructure project. I then ask myself if I need an environmental scan, an engineering study and a permit before breaking ground on one of those? Then of course I look at the price tag and think… “Mortgage payment or Ivy’s dream condo”?

It is not that I am being cheap about it. Honestly, if she ever demonstrated the slightest hint of needing one, trust me, I would get her one.

The truth is that she has three favourite spots in the house where she has the “quiet enjoyment of premises” and a comfy blanket, where most of her quality napping takes place.

But the fact is that Ivy is pretty much the princess of improvisation and seems to be able to relax for a bit on any number of surfaces… see for yourself.

10. Canadian Tire Grocery bags
I don’t think this is a candidate for a cat bed, but when I’m getting ready to do groceries I think this is her saying, “Nooooo, don’t gooooo” as she sometimes refuses to get up.
Canadian Tire grocery bags

9. This cat toy I found at the dollar store
Even though its intended purpose is to encourage the hunting instinct with its pockets to hide balls and toys, she seems to like lying on it for hours
Cat Toy

8. This fluffy colourful comforter

7. Of course, her favourite blanket
This is the one they gave her at the shelter… I think this is her security blanket as she seems to get the best sleep on this one.
Fave Blanket

6.This fluffy fuzzy blanket
It was one of my favourite throws until Ivy claimed it as her own.
Fluffy Blanket

5. Any carpeted surface, really
Especially after a good game of chase the ribbons

4. The back of the sofa
How she stays up there for hours without falling, I’ll never know.

3. The wing chair in the office
… as she supervises me writing
Wing Chair

2. My Hilfiger hoodie

1. The one I enjoy most… me!
(That’s me under that blanket)
Ivy asleep on me

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