10 More Things I Have Learned From My Cat

Ivy_LCBOIt has almost been 4 months since I had the good fortune of adopting Ivy the cat and this proud papa could not be happier.

One month after she joined me, I was already surprised at the wonderful life lessons she had taught me as a first time pet owner, and had great fun creating a blog post about them: The Top 10 Things I Have Learned from My Cat.

What is interesting is that the more we get to know each other, and we are able to interpret each other’s language (and behaviours), I gain more appreciation every day for the companionship that pets bring as well as the special messages they convey in their own unique way.

Here they are: 10 more things I have learned from my cat:

11- Way more than I needed to know about feline parasites

A couple of weeks ago, Miss Ivy had a bug in her tummy… literally. Over a weekend that included a chat with a veterinary technologist at the Ottawa Humane Society, a couple of calls to the vet, a fecal sample sent to the vet’s lab, dozens of Google searches, and a healthy dose of worry, watching an outgoing kitty suddenly turn quiet and reclusive, I learned more about de-worming than I probably ever wanted to know. On the bright side, I should be ready should “feline parasites” ever come us as a Jeopardy category or in a trivia competition.

12- Take information on the Internet with a grain of salt

Every cat is different. As much as health sites that discuss human health issues sometimes contradict each other, the same is seemingly true with pet advice. My take away is to take the advice from the Internet as an opinion, but seek the advice of a professional.

13- Running to a cat with arms open wide – don’t

I can be a little goofy like that sometimes at play time.
This seems to freak Ivy out… I wouldn’t recommend it. Just sayin’

14- Cat toys do not have to be expensive

One of her favourite toys is the free paper bag from the liquor store with the bottom cut out. It’s her favourite hiding place to creep up on the feather when we play “chase the feather on a stick”. So if you drop by and happen to see a liquor store paper bag lying around on my living floor, no need to be concerned… the things we do to keep our pets entertained.

15- The power of music

Believe it or not, my cat appears to have a favourite musical style: the classical “Baroque” channel on Stingray music. When I put it on, she completely relaxes, purrs, sometimes naps, and seems completely in her happy place. Who knew my cat would have such upscale taste in music?

16- Vacuum cleaners and some cats don’t mix

Given her reaction just in taking the vacuum cleaner out of the broom closet, I think that a peaceful coexistence between Ivy and the machine is not meant to be.

17- Change is inevitable

Just when I think I know what are her favourite foods, toys, blankets and “spot” in the living room, when I least expect it, any or all of the above can change without advance notice. The only certainty in life is that they will likely change again.

18- Cat hair is a fact of life

Even though looking neat and well-groomed is important to me, I have accepted that cat hair is a fact of life now. I can have a lint roller hiding in every crevice of my house, my car, my office cubicle and my suitcase, but cat hair is forever! (…and I am ok with that!)

19- Never underestimate the significance of something, however small it may be

One day I was looking out the open window, getting a breath of fresh air, with Ivy beside me who sat on top of her perch. I noticed a piece of fluff caught in the window screen that I seemed to recall being stuck there a few days prior, so I just took a deep breath and blew it away. Ivy turned to me, gave me a glare, and then made her inquisitive purr but with a downward inflection. She then dropped her head and walked away with the saddest of meows. You would have thought I just had blown away her best friend or something. Anyway, lesson learned on my part.

20- I did the right thing

Sadly, there are too many animals out there that have a rough life or who have been victims of abuse or neglect. I find it very difficult to scroll through the Twitter feeds for animal rescue organizations and read through the stories of the pets in need, but I still do from time to time as it reassures me that I did the right thing in opening my heart and my home to a cat in need. Ivy is happy and thriving with great food, fresh water, comfy blankets, paper bags to her heart’s content (…and a collection of other toys too), health care and all the affection and play time she deserves.

I know I can’t save them all, but I am so delighted with Ivy and I hope that she is getting as much out of her new home as her arrival has brought to me.

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