A Collection of Random Observations – The Sequel

A picture of a cat in a pile of bedsheets and pillowcases.

Ivy the cat “helping” with the laundry of the bedsheets and pillowcases

Last November, I posted “A Collection of Random Observations” which seemed to trigger a new hobby in searching and logging those weird moments in life that make you go “Hmmm”. Here is the next installment for your reading pleasure. Can you relate to some of these?

Have you ever noticed?…

People will provide the best advice and worst horror stories about a product or service AFTER you have made the purchase.

Seedless watermelon… how do they make more?

“We hope you enjoy our new store layout” loosely translates to “We’ve moved everything. Good luck!”

Things that are “designed to…” sometimes don’t.

If you leave limes in the fridge too long, they turn green too… or is it that they remain green?

The person who invented “red-eye flights” had to be someone who could easily fall asleep on planes. I am not one of them. After a good number of “red-eye flights”, regardless of how tired I am or what supplements I take to try to induce sleep, I have yet to arrive at any destination looking fresh as a daisy.

If you use dental floss to remove food particles from between your teeth, what do you use to remove dental floss stuck between your teeth?

What is the point of a turning signal after the driver started navigating a turn? BEFORE the turn, people… BEFORE!

Why do we have small retail counters littered with impulse purchase items, making it impossible for more than one person to have their products ready for check-out?

How are those little cardboard subscription cards inserted in magazines able to travel thousands of kilometres and still stay in there, but the moment I open the magazine a dozen cards fall out?

Why don’t the cardboard cologne samples in magazines smell exactly as the cologne does in the store?

Why do city engineers set the speed limit to 70 or 80 km per hour, but then put a stop sign at every 500 metres? How will anyone ever reach that speed limit?

I don’t get people who enthusiastically go to The Price Is Right but haven’t the foggiest how any of the games work nor do they seemingly know the price of anything.

How is it that weather forecasting equipment is supposedly more sophisticated than ever, but forecasts seem less accurate than ever.

Is it not a little embarrassing to be seen in the “self-help” section of a book store? Would it not attract more people if they called it the “empowering” section? Frankly I’d feel like Thor if a friend or co-worker spotted me there.

Life is too short for uncomfortable underwear.

Why are the credits at the end of TV shows rolling by faster and faster, or else squeezed into a corner of the screen, or both. If I was the parent of one of those credited team members and spent thousands on their education, I’d be mighty upset!

What is with TV credits running through at the bottom of the screen for the first 15 minutes of the program?

What is it about a freshly cleaned litter box that seems to immediately activate a cat’s bladder or bowels?

No matter how many precautions a barber or hair stylist takes, there always seems to be a few little hairs that travel down the neck or back.

There is always that one person in a theatre who seems to have extra crackly cellophane wrapped snacks and who does not seem to know how to keep the crackling down.

Why is it that when I am not home, I wish I was at home writing, yet when I am at home, vacuuming, dusting, dishes and changing the cat litter seem to trump the writing?

There is nothing that takes the creative wind out of my sails like having a really great idea but having to wait for Windows updates to download and install.

I haven’t moved in 14 years yet I still get an adrenaline surge when I see an empty moving box.

Just when I think I have my cat figured out, something happens and the next morning I will inevitably wonder, “Who are you and what have you done with my cat?”

Why is it that home printer cartridges never run out during business hours?

When I was a kid, toilet paper was sold in single, double and 4-roll packs. As a teenager, I remember 8-roll packs were the big thing. Today we have packs with 12, 24, 36, 48 and even more rolls. Have we evolved to a society that is full of crap?

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