Top 10 Things I Have Learned From My Cat

Ivy_meEven though it has only been one month since I adopted my cat, Ivy (who also happens to be a great proof reader, if I can catch her between naps), that one month has been an incredible non-stop learning experience. While in some ways her reactions are predictably like those of an enthusiastic and sometimes curious young child which has forced me to be even more organized than I already was, she also brings with her great wisdom and insight.

Here they are, the top 10 things I have learned since becoming a cat owner:

10. Cats have their own natural rhythm. The sooner the human tunes in to it, the more harmonious their lives together can be. (Thankfully, I learned that one quickly.)

9. Always check to ensure that there aren’t holes in the bag of the extra absorbent, clumping cat litter at the time of purchase.

8. Avoid buying extra absorbent, clumping cat litter on rainy days.

7. Certain meows are not necessarily a cry for needing something. Cats can just be happily chatty as mine often is. (Thankfully someone told me that after my first sleepless week, when I was still a new pet owner and worrying about whether all of her needs were met.)

6. Extreme Organization: the coordination of the list of things I can get done while Ivy is taking a nap.

5. I am never alone! (… and sometimes in a creepy way!) She has an uncanny ability to sneak up on me, not utter a single meow, and scare the crap out of me when I genuinely thought I was alone in the room.

4. Cats are like a mirror: If I am stressed, I can pass it on to her. If I am happy and mellow, I can pass that on to her as well. The choice is up to me.

3. Trying to get the cat into her travel crate 3 times in one day is pushing it and no amount of cat treats will make it happen.

2. Even though I knew this, the constant reminder is pretty cool: The true priorities in life: good food, good shelter, good company, good quality sleep, stability, safety and a clean place for when nature calls. Everything else is a bonus.

1. In a cat’s world, all that really matters is here and now. Sometimes, it’s a good lesson for humans too!

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