A Tribute to Mom

Happy Mother’s Day

She was always there
Through thick and through thin.
A mother’s life, really,
Requires thick skin

In the tool chest of moms,
Words of wisdom galore.
Advice often sage,
But sometimes, pure lore.

“Try it, you’ll like it”
Were words so wise
As they encouraged me to try
Some things I despised.

“Eat your crusts,
You’ll grow strong and tall”
The jury is still out,
Still wearing size small.

“What a great work of art!”
A mom will exclaim,
Even when unclear
For some to explain.

“Wear clean undies,
You might get hit by a car”
Still needs explaining
The logic’s a bit far.

“Share your toys and
Be sure to play nice”
Words to last lifetimes,
Clearly great advice.

“Clean up your room.
It needs a good purge”
Who knew in 40 years,
Neat freak would emerge.

“When Dad gets home…”
A warning so dire,
Left me shaking in my boots,
Causing me to perspire.

“Eat your veggies”
Was a chorus oft nervy
But well-intended and right,
Preventing us from scurvy.

“Don’t come running to me”
If both legs I broke,
Always cracked me up.
Mothers do know how to joke.

“Just wait til you have
Some kids in your midst”
A reminder that in life,
Karma can be a bitch.

“You’ll thank me some day”
I admit she was right.
My gratitude runs deep
Every day, every night.

Year in and year out,
Sayings put to the test
In the end I admit
That mother knows best.

Thanks for all the great advice, Mom!
Love ya!

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