Top 10 Reasons Why It’s a Good Thing the Holidays Are Over

A tastefully decorated gift box under the Christmas treeOf course, it’s the most wonderful time of the year… a time for getting together with family, friends and colleagues, a time for remembering the meaning and spirit of the holidays, recalling the traditions of holidays past and making new memories to last a lifetime.

I think the magic and spirit of the holidays gets renewed every time we bring a new baby into the extended family. The new bundle of joy offers us the opportunity to revisit our traditions with a fresh pair of eyes and help us forget for a few moments the crowded shopping malls, the busy parking lots and the race to cross everything off our lists.

Regardless of what goes on throughout the rest of the year, I think it is very easy to get caught up in the romance of the holidays. If it wasn’t, why are we such suckers for Lifetime Christmas movies?

But once our off-key rendition of Auld Lang Syne is over and we have swallowed our last sip of champagne with bits of confetti, it is sadly time to get back to real life. But here are the top 10 reasons why it is a good thing the holidays are over:

10 – After several large meals over a month, appetite is finally starting to come back! Baked chicken breast and steamed veggies have been really appealing lately!

9 – My inbox can finally go on a diet too now that I am no longer receiving promotional emails from every company I have ever dealt with in my adult life.

8 – Thanks to the way retail swiftly rotates stock, I can finally start shopping for my spring/summer wardrobe even though it is -30 degrees outside.

7 – Now that the season is over, rather than binge-watching holiday movies at a frantic pace, I can go back to binge-watching Netflix at a leisurely pace.

6 – There are Lego pieces in every corner of the house… and I don’t even have kids.

5 – I can go to the grocery store and not need to stand in line for twenty minutes… even in the Express Lane.

4 – My hands can finally recuperate from all of the shaking hands, washing hands, shaking hands, washing hands, shaking hands, washing hands. My hands are so irritated and red you would think I would have been punching sides of beef in a meat locker.

3 – Now begins the process of getting holiday glitter and Christmas tree needles out of the carpeting. All things being equal, this project should be completed by Easter.

2 – I can finally remember what day of the week it is. When the two national holidays fall mid-week, it really screws up the perception of Monday to Friday.

1 – With 339 days left to shop for next Christmas, there is plenty of time to start making a list and checking it twice.

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