A Christmas Story: The Fruitcake Edition

A picture of a piece of holiday fruitcake on a festive platter

Maraschinos and nuts,
Dark raisins and booze,
An array of textures
Of crunches and chews.

“What’s not to like?”
Some fans would say.
A once-per-year treat
On this special day.

You were always there,
Dear cake of fruit,
Fixture of holiday tables,
Festive dessert to boot.

Too often mocked,
Perhaps over-the-top,
Referred to as brick,
A log and doorstop.

I took you for granted
Sometimes turned up my nose,
With my tummy so full
Sadly, the last I chose.

My world then changed
Eight years ago, I believe,
The diagnosis was clear
No more wheat products for me.

Foods crossed off my list
Treats I would be deprived,
Then I noticed you missing
Next December 25.

Didn’t know what I had
Until it was gone
As years passed by,
For fruitcake, I would long

I missed its flavours
And aromas sublime.
Spent a whole night looking
For a vendor on-line.

I scavenged the web
In a coffee-induced state,
Bleary eyed and tired,
Looking for damn cake.

There it was…
At a local store
Perhaps this year,
A fruit cake, I’d score.

I picked up the phone
And gave them a call
Told me to come Thursday
Then gave directions to the mall.

She’d put one aside
Given the wonderful news,
It’s been so long,
Maybe I should get two.

The build-up was clear
Too excited to sleep,
I didn’t know my love
For fruitcake ran deep.

When Thursday came
Anticipation grew more
The day dragged on
Until the clock struck 4.

Murphy’s Law was at play
The traffic was not light
The drive took forever
It seemed like all night

With flurries in the air
I arrived at the store
Still thinking perhaps
“I might have to get more.”

The adrenaline pumped
My hands would shake
When I saw in the distance,
The much coveted cake.

I picked it up
As I heard angels sing,
A gluten-free fruitcake,
Oh the joy it would bring!

A look at the price
A bit more than I could bear
“I think I’ll just get one,
And we’ll take it from there.”

I dashed right home
For the much needed fix
Didn’t even take off my coat
Nor removed my kicks

I ripped off the wrap
With a dramatic flourish
My growling stomach
Soon I would nourish.

I took out the knife
My hand, a bit of a quiver
And cut off a piece
Just a tiny sliver.

Looked just like fruitcake,
The aroma was right.
I closed my eyes
As I took that first bite

The taste was great!
Clearly, worth the wait.
But reaction was mixed
Given the price I had paid.

I had another piece
Which I enjoyed through and through
But I thought to myself,
“I can make this too!

I like to bake,
Up to my elbows in flour,
A gluten-free cake…
Yes, I’ve got the power!”

So I set next year’s goal
A plan to save cash,
A home-made cake, gluten-free,
A fruitcake from scratch!

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