The Joys of Getting Older

A few weeks ago, I published a blog post called The Fears of Getting Older. Thanks for all of the positive feedback folks, it was very nice to hear how that one resonated with so many of you!
Among the feedback I received, one of my friends challenged me to writing its antithesis. It didn’t take long that the ideas started flowing. So here you have it, Gilles & friends… The Joys of Getting Older!

– Little to no risk of getting chosen last for any team.
– In the adult world, spending “recess” alone is not a bad thing.
– Reading a book for the fun of it and savouring every word rather than rushing through it because of a book report or test.
– Homework doesn’t happen often and when it does, it is usually called “overtime” which usually means there’s money attached to it.
– I can have dessert before dinner if I want to. I can have cookies for dinner if I want to. I can have potato chips and wine for dinner on a Friday if I want to. The reality is that I wouldn’t do any of them often, as my body would disapprove pretty quickly!
– Staying up past my bedtime does not require negotiation nor prior approval in writing.
– I don’t get sent out of the room when a “viewer discretion advised” warning appears on TV.
– I can tell a kid “because I said so” and it sticks.
– Proofreading documents is so much easier today than proofreading stone tablets.
– There is no debate on whether I am old enough to see a movie rated “Restricted”, nor do I have the problem of having to find someone older than me to accompany me.
– Less encumbered, getting increasingly less attached to “stuff”.
– A greater appreciation of the simple things in life that cannot be bought such as: great times with family, friends and colleagues; a toddler in my circle of family and friends saying my name for the first time; a friend’s pet coming to see me for attention; the free time and freedom of mind to “be” rather than to “do”.
– I have no curfew (but in reality, my body clock seems to have the final word on that one whether I like it or not).
– Seniors’ discounts.
– Getting Shoppers Drug Mart or Rexall gift cards as a gift.
– A growing appreciation for quality over quantity.
– Finding my calling and pursuing it.
– Trusting that I know when the time is right when I am ready to tackle new challenges.
– The ability to graciously acknowledge and accept the advice of others, and the wisdom to know when to discretely filter it out.
– The ability to clearly articulate a thought or a feeling and the freedom to speak my mind.
– Trust in my sense of tact and diplomacy.
– Trust in the skills, abilities and instincts that developed over my lifetime and that they will continue to guide me well even in the face of adversity. I may not always choose correctly, but I know I will figure it out and find my way.
– The knowledge that everyone is at a different place in their respective journey and on a different schedule and that’s OK.
– The knowledge that you can’t please all of the people, all of the time, no matter how hard you try. After a reasonable effort, I know my cut-off point.
– The knowledge that even as adults, people have their own path in life which sometimes means having to make their own mistakes. You can’t inhibit other peoples’ life lessons and that’s fine… save your energy for something else.
– Getting blown away at the ability of actors, actresses and storytellers to completely take over my emotions and to drive them in one direction or another.
– The appreciation of the sensual experience of a great meal and a fine wine (including potato chips and wine on Fridays).
– I tend to worry less, especially about things that I have no control over.
– I now know that sometimes in life, surrendering is not a bad thing.
– I have a greater sense of when explaining myself is pointless or unnecessary, and a waste of precious energy.
– I try not to miss the beauty and joy that can be observed even in the most fleeting of moments.
– The ability to fully appreciate the freedom, choices, privileges and opportunities bestowed upon us.
– Confidence.
– I don’t take good health for granted.
– I appreciate life more.
– I appreciate more the contributions that people have made to my life, even if just in a passing moment.
– Knowing when a well-placed smile, hug or nod is all a situation requires.
– And the big one…. I will never have to eat blood sausage again, in this lifetime!

What about you?… what would you include among the joys of getting older?

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