What Writers Think of When They Are Running

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESor.. What runners think of when they are writing

T’was a Sunday morning
Ideal for a run
All stretched and hydrated
I was ready for fun

My run gear was laid
On the bedside with care
Hoping the weather, as planned,
Was 25, mostly fair.

I drove to the park
My favourite starting line
Where the paths run flat
Backed by views sublime

The first few K’s
Were a bit of a mess
My contacts felt itchy
My shins felt stressed

I wondered right then
Should I have stayed in bed?
I was so comfy there
As dreams filled my head

Then reason stepped in,
“What you are doing… is for the greater.
Stick with it Dude…
You’ll thank me later”

The next few K
Were frankly not bad
I found my stride
Of that, I was glad

My breathing was great
As things started to click
I was in the zone
Clearly I’d found the trick.

The last 3K
Were amazing, by chance
It felt as though
I had slipped in a trance

I felt no pain
All was in sync
The scenery just passed
Time flew in a blink

I arrived at the park
Not tired, just right
I was proud of myself
I fought the good fight

I was happy I made it
Body, mind and soul
I made my 10K
I reached this week’s goal!

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2 responses to “What Writers Think of When They Are Running

  1. Maria

    Great post! I loved your rhymes. I could also relate… I usually go through the same when I get on the treadmill.

    • Hi Maria
      Thanks for reading and thanks for the positive feedback!
      I hear you about the treadmill.. I’ve heard it said a few times that if we can make it through the first 10 minutes of endurance sports, we’re usually ok after that. Would you agree?
      Thanks again for the comment!

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