Top 10 Signs That Spring is Coming to Ottawa

snowscape It is hard to believe that just a couple of weeks ago we were concluding a seemingly endless cycle of -30 degree temperatures here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

But now that we are back to more normal temperatures and with the official start to spring just a few days away, many are giddy with anticipation to say goodbye to Old Man Winter.

Even though we could still get a dumping of snow at any time over the next month, not surprisingly, we start looking for signs of spring to convince ourselves that we are justified in coming out of our Netflix hibernation and start enjoying the great outdoors again.

Here they are, the top 10 signs that spring is coming to Ottawa:

10 – If you are a “car singer”… forgetting that the car window was open for the first time this season and realizing that you had an audience;

9 – (I overheard this one…) The terror of knowing that bathing suit weather is around the corner;

8 – Wearing too many layers one day, too few layers the next day, too many layers one day, too few layers the next day…Repeat;

7 – Teenagers walking around in shorts, while I am still dressing in layers;

6 – Restaurants starting to put out the patio tables, and some people starting to enjoy meals al fresco, even if it means wearing multiple layers to do it;

5 – Bringing home the collection of shoes kept at the office throughout “winter boot season”;

4 – Trying to switch out the winter tires to the all-season tires, but the next available appointment is in late May;

3 – Finally being able to say hello to people again, after months of not being able to recognize anyone through their winter clothing cocoons (…think “Kenny” from South Park);

2 – When there is a small snowfall, you are determined NOT to shovel it, assuming it will melt. But eventually, you shovel it anyway;

1 – Potholes in the roads… everywhere!

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2 responses to “Top 10 Signs That Spring is Coming to Ottawa

  1. Ellen Trenn-Mack

    This was nice Sally. I signed (up) for his blog but haven’t gotten it. Maybe there is a special station so to speak for blogs? Happy St. Patrick’s Day and wishing you the luck of the Irish. Ellen

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