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Ivy’s Top 10 Cat Toys (For Now)

Cat and Tissue PaperWhen Ivy the Wonder Cat first joined me a year ago, I admit that I got a little carried away on buying cat toys. Manufacturers sure know how to pull on the heartstrings of pet owners with every possible combination and permutation of interesting, fun and cute. There are many brilliant ideas out there!

I would take home the new toy, with the best of intentions and highest of hopes, only to find her more interested in the packaging, or going into my work bag and getting a good sniff of my lunch container. But sometimes, when I look away or leave the room, something clicks and it becomes a new favourite… or not.

And of course each cat is different. A favourite toy for one can get virtually ignored by another. And the big hit today, might not get a second look a few months from now, no matter how much catnip gets sprinkled on it.

Just the same, Miss Ivy does have a few favourites among the commercially produced toys that did turn out to be excellent value for money.

But what surprised me most over the past year was the discovery that simple, inexpensive items around the house, can become favourite items in her toy box. These items can be quickly replaced, refreshed and rotated through to engage her in fun play.

When combined with a few relatively inexpensive commercially available products, Ivy’s toy box is very affordable and offers her the stimulation she needs for the active, extroverted kitty she is.
Here they are, Ivy’s top 10 cat toys (at the moment): Continue reading


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CSI Spinoffs That the Network Turned Down

CSI Lost SocksOver the years, I have been a fan of the entire CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) franchise including the original set in Las Vegas, the New York spinoff, the Miami spinoff as well as the most recent installment, CSI Cyber.

I imagine that to settle on those four successful franchises, the producers and writers must have mulled over hundreds of other ideas, some of which that just didn’t quite make the cut, even though they would have been compelling stories of investigations that many people could relate to.
Here are a few examples:

CSI: Lost Socks

CSI: Toilet Seats Left Up

CSI: Unfindable Ends of Saran Wrap

CSI: Unfindable Ends of Scotch Tape, Duct Tape and/or Masking Tape

CSI: Missing Baby Soothers

CSI: Missing Toys

CSI: Wine That Must Have Evaporated Continue reading

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