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Inspired by the Creativity of Others

A few days ago, I attended a concert at the National Arts Centre, here in Ottawa, to see The Tenors perform with the National Arts Centre Orchestra conducted by Jack Everly.

Much like all of the Pops series concerts I have seen in recent years, the concert brought me on a roller coaster of emotions, between goose bump moments of arias and their triumphant crescendos and moments where I felt a tad verklempt, hearing favourite songs performed live in brilliant new arrangements.

Throughout great performances like that, I can’t help but ask myself, “How do they do it?” How much of it is natural aptitude and how much is hard work? How many thousands of hours each performer put into their craft over the years, to become one with their instruments and to make it look so easy? How hard did each one have to work to achieve this level of proficiency, to produce such beauty that can elicit such strong emotions from spectators?

This inner monologue replays in my head again and again whenever I feel deeply inspired, whether it’s at a concert, in a museum, in a theatre, reading a book or watching a great movie. It’s like a vortex of creativity, swirling around, reaching out and stirring up my own artistic momentum to keep doing what I love doing, keep practicing, work hard and don’t let go.

I sometimes pause and wonder if I will ever get to the same degree of skillfulness and versatility in writing as someone who can pick up an instrument and play a song, just like that. Then I think to myself that I have been known to pull a rabbit or two out of a hat on a few occasions.

Whether it’s a blog post that I was able to commit to paper in one sitting in under two hours (it doesn’t happen often, but it does), a blog post that successfully reached out and really struck a chord with readers, or writing a piece at work that was exactly what was requested, offering the right words at the right time, and being able to do so under crazy time constraints. I reassure myself that I am on my way. Continue reading

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The “Cool Kids” of Talent

While jealousy is not generally in my nature, I admit that in following my calling, there are times that the green-eyed monster sometimes shows up when I witness the brilliance in the talents of others.

I remember back in high school, seeing some of my friends come in to their own callings very early, either by singing a song with the professionalism that would rival anyone on the radio, or giving a jaw-dropping award-winning acting performance on our auditorium stage. I also often envied the friends with a knack for doodling in class and whose drawings put my crooked stick figures to shame.

The ones that had me the most envious were the ones who could pick up an instrument in any setting and get a crowd singing along or to provide the music that created moments to remember. I would even add to the mix those natural athletes who seemingly excel at any sport they try, or are born Olympians in one sport.

In the game of talent, I sometimes think that they were the cool kids who got picked first while the “word nerds” got picked last. Continue reading

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