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Goldilocks and the White Socks

Regular readers of my blog are probably familiar with my adventures in shopping that involve a lot of research, testing, comparison and disappointment that often sound like a story about Goldilocks.

When some products are too big, others are too small, and over the course of multiple shopping trips, I hope to find the one that is just right.

One such situation these days is my hunt for white socks. All I am looking for is plain, white, mostly cotton, athletic-style socks for very casual situations. Sounds simple, right?

For some reason, manufacturers and buyers for stores don’t seem to be on the same wave length. Plain white socks are hard to find.

For years I was able to find them here in Canada at a well-known store (that shall remain nameless). One day, I bought a pack of three pairs that left me with the impression that they had changed. The answer came a few washings later when the elastics completely gave out and the socks were falling repeatedly. This didn’t happen before. Someone must have changed the “recipe”.

I switched to another brand that was available at that time, which lasted a few years until they discontinued the men’s small size and carried only “one size fits all”. Continue reading


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CSI Spinoffs That the Network Turned Down

CSI Lost SocksOver the years, I have been a fan of the entire CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) franchise including the original set in Las Vegas, the New York spinoff, the Miami spinoff as well as the most recent installment, CSI Cyber.

I imagine that to settle on those four successful franchises, the producers and writers must have mulled over hundreds of other ideas, some of which that just didn’t quite make the cut, even though they would have been compelling stories of investigations that many people could relate to.
Here are a few examples:

CSI: Lost Socks

CSI: Toilet Seats Left Up

CSI: Unfindable Ends of Saran Wrap

CSI: Unfindable Ends of Scotch Tape, Duct Tape and/or Masking Tape

CSI: Missing Baby Soothers

CSI: Missing Toys

CSI: Wine That Must Have Evaporated Continue reading

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Shoe Shopping?… Again?


On a recent trip, my partner was poking fun at me as we were wandering the streets of Montréal when he asked “Don’t you need to look for shoes?” Of course, he was partly right in that no trip to Montréal is complete without at least a peek in some of the fine shoe stores. However, do I need shoes is another matter entirely.

In practical terms, I probably have enough shoes to last me this lifetime, and perhaps the next one too, yet the hunt never really seems to be over. Why?…

Deprivation! Shoes are hard to find when you have size 6 feet! Continue reading

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