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The Halloween Candy Calculations

With Halloween just around the corner, two questions that seems to be increasingly on our minds are “How many Halloween treats will we need?” and “Is it too early to buy?”

When I was growing up, I don’t recall there being much debate. The number seemed generally stable from year to year. When the neighbourhood’s teens felt they were getting too old to be trick or treating, younger kids were replacing them. And if I remember correctly, 60 to 70 kids seemed to be the norm for many years. When it came to Halloween, it was suburban stability.

Also, back then, Halloween candy didn’t grace our store shelves until after the “Back-to-school” season was over… when kids were back at school. I don’t recall any retail shenanigans of having Halloween candy on the shelves a couple of weeks into the summer break.

In the couple of weeks leading up to Halloween, Mom would buy 60-70 treats. On Halloween night, most (if not all) of the treats would be distributed. The end.

But that hasn’t been the case recently. Continue reading



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10 Things I Believed as a Kid

Maybe it was the shingles, maybe it was the medication, but when I was off work and sleeping 14-16 hours per day, a strange thing happened. I started getting vivid flashbacks to childhood but not about things that happened to me, they were flashbacks to things I believed when I was a kid. It was an interesting trip down memory lane to say the least! When I look back now, some could be considered creative, some may be funny or perhaps you might think some were just plain weird. I will let you decide!

And it didn’t just happen in one flashback, it was like a portal opened and I was getting memory after memory of the world according to André, from many many moons ago. Enjoy the walk down memory lane with me, but please watch your step!
Here they are, 10 things I believed as a kid, in no particular order.

1 – From a very young age, I had no problem in telling the difference between the actual TV show and the commercials, however the line between real life and TV fiction was a little blurry for me. Given how young I was when they originally aired, it wasn’t surprising that the magic in “Bewitched” and “I Dream of Jeannie” was very real to me.. for a good while.

2 – Still on the topic of fiction vs. real life, Continue reading

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