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How I Miss Being a Tourist

At our new home, I find myself in an endless loop of shredding, as I go through old documents that I didn’t have time to destroy before moving.

Maybe it comes from my high school and university years working in the retail sector, when I realized that keeping receipts and statements was a good thing if I ever needed to return something.

Maybe I was traumatized by one client too many who stirred up a tempest in a teapot, bellowing about the unfairness of our return policy and shrieking their vow never to shop at our store again, simply because they didn’t have a receipt for a refund.

To me, keeping receipts was synonymous with keeping the peace, a natural conclusion for someone with an aversion to conflict.

Over the years, my filing system has been pretty solid and I have been able to produce receipts on demand when I needed an exchange, a refund or maintenance of one kind or another. I really can’t say I’ve had too many sleepless nights ruminating over where I might have misplaced a receipt.

As much as I was really good at filing, the downside is that I was perhaps a little lax in destroying after a reasonable time frame had passed. I still have receipts (and user manuals) for products I don’t even own anymore as they have already completed their useful life span.

Now, in the new place, with the move well behind us, I make a point of sorting and shredding a little bit each week, to make some steady progress in chipping away at the pile of boxes marked “papers to sort”. Continue reading

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50 Reasons To Love Travel

1. Travel offers a change of pace from the daily routine.
2. Travel can be a temporary escape.
3. Travel can be an opportunity to disconnect for a while.
4. Travel can be an opportunity to knock things off our bucket list.
5. Travel offers an opportunity to see random things we wouldn’t normally see at home.
6. Travel offers an opportunity to experience landmarks we have only read about or have only seen on television or in movies.
7. Travel offers an opportunity to admire natural and man-made wonders.
8. Travel offers an opportunity to admire the endless beauty of our planet.
9. Travel offers an opportunity to try different foods and beverages.
10. Travel can be an opportunity to experience music we wouldn’t normally hear at home.
11. Travel can be an opportunity to experience games and sports we wouldn’t normally see at home, or to experience a favourite sport in a different setting.
12. Travel offers an opportunity to enjoy life without having to cook, clean or run household errands for a few days.
13. Travel offers an opportunity to experience and appreciate different traditions and customs.
14. Travel offers an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Continue reading


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My Melodifestivalen Journey

It’s that time of year for my favourite musical hobby… Melodifestivalen! For my North American friends, let me explain: Melodifestivalen is a song contest that takes place in Sweden every February and March, in order to pick the country’s best new song to compete against the rest of Europe in the Eurovision Song Contest in May.

While we don’t hear a lot about Eurovision here in North America, there are definitely some artists you know who have competed in the competition over the years, including Céline Dion, France Gall, Nana Mouskouri and this Swedish band you might have heard of.. ABBA!

I have been following Melodifestivalen thanks to the ongoing improvements in the Internet! The first year I tuned in was 2005, listening over the Internet, thanks to the Swedish national radio network (sr.se), and even then, my connection wasn’t entirely continuous… I think those were my last days of dial-up connections.

It was like I imagine it would have been before TV’s were invented!

But it was still very enjoyable and very exciting nonetheless. But as the years went on, connection speeds and technology improved, to the point that now instead of radio, I can watch it from the Swedish TV network (svt.se), in HD, with only the occasional little swirly thing in the middle of the screen. It still blows my mind that I am able to watch a European musical program, LIVE, as it is happening overseas! Continue reading

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