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The Final Cut: From Clippers to Shaver

It was on the eve of my 54th birthday, facing the next instalment in my every-two-weeks haircut when I asked myself, “Why not? If I don’t like it, it will grow back.”

I explored electric razors with the plan to shave my scalp for the first time. But when I say “first time”, the reality is that the transition to this point has been more than a decade in the making.

When I accepted that my hair was slowly slipping away due to male pattern baldness, rather than finding creative ways of covering up my slowly increasing Friar Tuck look, I started the slow transition of shorter haircuts.

My last attempt at long hair that ended up looking like Peppermint Patty was trimmed to a neat professional look. For a while after that, I took a bit of a detour into a faux-hawk look, which I consider my last actual “hair style”.

But when more scalp was peeking through the back of my head, to me, it was time. In every subsequent scissor cut, I went a little shorter every time. After that, it was the clipper cut countdown, starting with a “number four” with much trepidation.

The nervousness quickly disappeared through my immense enjoyment of the freedom from hair products and blow dryers, and in the reclaiming of time in the morning. The fact that a visit to the barber was now an efficient and record-breaking 7 minutes in duration was a pleasure in itself. Continue reading

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Trimming My Cat’s Nails Without Looking Like I Lost a Fight

As much as I have gushed about all the fun things my cat Ivy has brought into my life, one area that has been a constant learning experience has been the act of trimming her nails.

What is it about my normally cool-as-a-cucumber kitty that the moment I attempt to gently snip 1/16th of an inch off a sharp nail, she can turn on a dime, and a zen moment suddenly becomes a scene from The Exorcist?

Trimming Ivy’s nails has been like a trip to the casino. Most times, I walk away with nothing. On a few occasions, I might get one or two nails done. And on a few rare occasions, I may hit the jackpot and get a whole paw (or even two) done! The trick has been to figure out why I am successful some times and not others, and then to follow the pattern.

It’s pretty easy to check the status of her nails without any intervention on my part. During our daily pets, she lies flat on her blanket and starts moving her little arms back and forth, making that kneading motion with her paws. Her little Wolverine claws pop in and out, giving me a full account of whether her nails are still blunt or if they are sharp or jagged, meaning she is due for a trim.

But if I miss the status check, another sign that a trim is overdue is when she walks around the house, when she doesn’t have her collar on. Usually she can be stealth kitty and sneak up on me at any given moment (which can also be a little creepy, quite frankly). But if I can hear her walking through the kitchen sounding like she is wearing stilettos, those nails are getting long.

The trick is finding the right time to do it. If I say yes to any of the following, chances are, it is not an opportune time: Continue reading


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Top 10 Advantages of Clipper Cuts

BarberPoleThere were years where “bed head and cowlicks” was my hairstyle even though that wasn’t the look I was going for …and long before it was fashionable. With the eternal struggle for good hair raging on through the years, I put a lot of time, effort and a small fortune into hair maintenance.

Although many people said I was so lucky for having some natural curl in my hair, I seemed to find it a curse because with a baby face, if I let my hair go curly I was either called “Miss” or I would get carded well into my 30’s. The choice was clear: either to straighten my hair or grow a moustache (which would take at least six months of planning and effort). So I kept fighting Mother Nature.

I have a few friends who seemingly always had perfect hair, who could truly roll out of bed in the morning, give their head a shake and look perfect for any situation, casual or professional. They did not put in nearly as much effort as I did, and I always envied them as I continued to build my arsenal of miracle-in-a-bottle hair products. It didn’t help that I worked at your friendly neighbourhood pharmacy and could buy every new product hitting the market at employee discount.

But the battle ended when I took the plunge in 2007 and got my first clipper cut. There was no looking back as the benefits were undeniable.

Given that today is #WorldCancerDay and there is much talk about potentially buzzing one’s hair in a show of solidarity and to raise money for cancer research, I offer these Top 10 practical benefits to clipper cuts:

10. Time in the chair
The shortest clipper cut I ever got took only 6 minutes! The average is around 10, which includes chatting and payment! I may visit the barber more often, but even when you combine those times, it is still shorter than the half hour it used to take to “style” my hair.

9. Options
Around 2010 I bought my own set of clippers and tried doing it myself. Frankly, that decision has paid for itself several times over, even if I alternate between doing it myself and visits to the barber (to catch the spots I might miss)

8. Extra sleep
Back in the days when I used a blow dryer and gel, it would take a good 15-20 minutes in the morning to achieve the right look. Now, I basically walk out of the shower, towel dry and forget it. In winter I may apply some moisturizer and in the other seasons I apply sunscreen, but that’s it for maintenance, so while others are fighting with their hair I am getting my beauty sleep. Continue reading

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