How Bewitched Was Your Day?

Bewitched DVD As far back as I can remember, Bewitched has always been one of my favourite classic TV shows. Elizabeth Montgomery starred as the beautiful Samantha Stephens, a good witch trying to live like a normal suburban housewife, despite the intrusions of a colourful cast of relatives on her mortal marriage.

Over the years, I found my imagination and creativity spurred by the fun visual effects and magical sound effects depicting their fictionalized version of witchcraft. As the show replayed in reruns, decade after decade, the characters became a permanent fixture in my subconscious and still pop up in my life when I least expect it.

A few days ago, I was having one of those days where nothing seemed to go right. Technology wasn’t working as planned, inanimate objects weren’t cooperating, I bumped into a wall. The day was such a write off that I thought to myself, “Man, am I ever having an Aunt Clara kind of day”, which seemed rather appropriate given the circumstances.

When I gave it a little more thought, I figured out that you could equate a day to almost every Bewitched character, given their very unique qualities.

How was your day today? Was it…

A Samantha kind of day
A keen problem solver and peace keeper who can rely on common sense, resourcefulness and intuition to get out of a bind… but an occasional eye of newt or bat’s wing is not out of the question.

A Darren day
An unfailing spirit who would do anything for the love of his life, even if it means getting put through the ringer, having limits tested daily, and being turned into every species of animal known to roam the planet.

An Endora kind of day
The queen of the hive, the lioness, a powerful defender whose power should never be put to test. Could be perceived as meddlesome even though everything she does is TO HER, with the best of intentions and to protect the ones she loves.

A Maurice kind of day
Worldly (literally), scholarly, cultured, refined and on most days, feels like the master of the universe. Can take on the world, win, and make it look effortless with flair and classic style.

An Aunt Clara kind of day
As suggested above, a kind of day when things don’t go according to plan. The intentions are the very best, the actions are all based in love and kindness, but the execution is sometimes a little wonky. Count your blessings if you don’t end up stuck in a chimney.

A Larry Tate kind of day
Would move mountains to keep his clients happy, even if it means agreeing with everything they say.

A Mrs Kravitz kind of day
Can’t really keep one’s nose out of other people’s business and causing drama.

A Serena kind of day
A spontaneous free spirit with boundless energy and rarely a care in the world.. .or the galaxy. One of those days where anything can happen, probably will, and every moment will be savoured to its fullest.

An Uncle Arthur kind of day
A day of quick witted sarcasm, sharp humour though not above a good practical joke or pulling a (Playboy) Bunny out of a hat.

A Doctor Bombay day
A day where you masterfully use the best tools the galaxy has to offer to solve the toughest of problems. As soon as you get to the bottom of the problem, you relax and enjoy, celebrating with a martini. And then may need to try the solution again to make the resolution stick.

A Tabitha day
A kind hearted, sympathetic pleaser who would go to any lengths to keep friends happy, whether that means turning classmates into butterflies or trading places with Jack (from Jack and the Beanstalk) to tell off the mean old giant.

An Adam day
Testing the waters of new skills and powers, but still, just having a good time figuring out the world around him.

A Mrs. Stephens kind of day
Everything is giving you a sick headache.

An Esmerelda kind of day
When allergies are in full swing and sneezing is a regular occurrence, which spurs on further tension and nervousness, to the point of wanting to fade out like the invisible woman. Things don’t always go as planned, but will get sorted out just in the nick of time for a happy ending.

P.S. As an added bonus here is a little video I did when I first got a digital camera, in tribute to Bewitched.

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