CSI Spinoffs That the Network Turned Down

CSI Lost SocksOver the years, I have been a fan of the entire CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) franchise including the original set in Las Vegas, the New York spinoff, the Miami spinoff as well as the most recent installment, CSI Cyber.

I imagine that to settle on those four successful franchises, the producers and writers must have mulled over hundreds of other ideas, some of which that just didn’t quite make the cut, even though they would have been compelling stories of investigations that many people could relate to.
Here are a few examples:

CSI: Lost Socks

CSI: Toilet Seats Left Up

CSI: Unfindable Ends of Saran Wrap

CSI: Unfindable Ends of Scotch Tape, Duct Tape and/or Masking Tape

CSI: Missing Baby Soothers

CSI: Missing Toys

CSI: Wine That Must Have Evaporated

CSI: Boardroom Bookings That Should Have Been Cancelled

CSI: Empty Printer Tray

CSI: Furry Things in the Vegetable Crisper

CSI: Cat Toys in the Fridge

CSI: Cat Toys in the Neatly Folded Pile of Clean Clothes

CSI: “Gifts” From the Cat

CSI: Empty Paper Towel Roll

CSI: Empty Toilet Paper Roll

CSI: Misplaced Glasses (NOTE: only one episode, which ends with the protagonist finding them on his head)

CSI: Foods Eaten in the 24 Hours Prior (which takes place in only one scene, the bathroom)… With crossover episodes to CSI: Things Eaten After Their Expiry Date

CSI: Car Keys

CSI: Car Noises That Mechanics Can’t Hear

CSI: Office Fridge

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