Top 10 Reasons to #SaveDallas

Fans of the reboot version of the popular TV series Dallas were startled shortly after the season 3 finale, to hear that network executives at TNT opted not to renew the series for a 4th season.

It is clear that the franchise is not quite the same since its star Larry Hagman (as the one and only J.R. Ewing) passed on November 23, 2012. Nonetheless, the show’s premise remains strong, the writing is at its soapy-drama best, the ensemble cast is phenomenal and the storyline potential is unlimited.

Add to the mix a very loyal, established fan base and a booming #SaveDallas campaign on Twitter and it seems we have the foundation for a movement equal to the output power of the Ewing-Barnes Feud itself! Plus, there are still so many characters from the original series who have not made a cameo appearance yet. The fans want more!

It is time for either TNT to take notice of the outpouring of support and reconsider, or for another network to consider its options. I think deep down, many of us might like to see Dallas find its way back to CBS, its original network from 1978 to 1991 just from a nostalgic perspective and to see it return to its roots, if possible.

In any case, here, my fellow Dallas fans, are the top 10 reasons to #SaveDallas:

10. We need to see if the wing-shaped eyebrows J.R. sported in later years are a Ewing thing, and see if Bobby grows a pair… of those eyebrows… as well.

9. I still want to see Sue Ellen complete the storyline from the first season of the reboot: I would like to see Sue Ellen run for governor and win! She deserves some really happy times for all the tough times she endured in the 17 years the show has been on… and I don’t mean happy times abruptly interrupted by her boyfriend accidentally falling off a balcony during a fight.

8. The many layers and complexity of character of next-generation villain Nicolás Treviño is brilliantly played by Juan Pablo Di Pace. The way he can juggle and meticulously balance gentle charm, pure evil, and everything in between is nothing short of a tour-de-force.

7. The Barnes-Ewing feud will never be over!

6. Judith Ryland, portrayed MASTERFULLY by Judith Light, is Alexis Carrington, Abby Ewing and Angela Chandler rolled up into one… we want more!

5. Regardless of what happened in Zurich in the reboot, I still suspect that that Pam (Bobby’s first wife, Pam) is still alive and doing well. Maybe Christopher’s accident might bring her out of hiding.

4. About Christopher’s accident….. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

3. In the last three years we have still not seen a single case of amnesia, a catfight, a faked death, a full recovery from a deeply terminal illness, kids sent off to boarding school and coming back one year later as adults, children switched at birth.

2. If the last three years are an appetizer to the double-crossing, double-dealing, threatening, cheating, lying, blackmailing ways of John Ross III, he is definitely his father’s son and has only just begun. Josh Henderson is incredibly convincing in the role. Great casting!

and the #1 reason: John Ross has a sister? I can’t say that came as a huge surprise, given J.R.’s ways, but WHAAAAAT? You can’t conclude the show on that note!

In conclusion, I would like to applaud the entire cast and crew for a fantastic 3 years in bringing back good old memories of Dallas as well as helping create new ones. For that, I will always be grateful! Well done everyone!
To all the fans, keep tweeting #SaveDallas !

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