Aerobic Queen

Album cover for the sountrack to the 20 Minute Workout exercise program Here is a piece of writing history for #throwbackthursday !

Back in the mid 1980’s, I was a huge fan of the “:20 Minute Workout” and had quite a crush on one of its instructors, Bess Motta. Keep in mind that I wrote this little poem when I was just a young pup of 20. This was my playful tribute to Bess! I hope you enjoy it!

Title: Aerobic Queen (written Feb 26, 1986)

He sat right down
And watched TV
His eyes popped out, what did he see?
A pretty girl
Who’d stretch and pull,
His jaw hit floor, began to drool.

It was a love,
At first sight said,
His interest new, was now phys ed.
Four more, three more,
Two more, one…
Aerobicize was now great fun!

With curly locks
And tiny shape,
Became the queen of Beta tape.
Instructions, songs,
Giggles and moves
Had hypnotized the fella’s tune

Commercial breaks
Were all too long
He missed her so, but back she’s on!
To jog her way
To his own heart,
But twenty later, still must part!

“Inhaling up
With little hip”
Was favourite move to get eyes fit
Though eyes so fit
They hurt at times
It was no less, aerobic crime!

But cooling down
Was always must
To catch his breath from all the lust
And soon to find
The final send
He always knew he had a friend.

But some day soon
He nearly died
As he checked out the TV Guide
There was no more
Of workout fun
But in its place, an old rerun

He called the folks
At channel two
To find just what he was to do.
He couldn’t stand
To lose his girl
He would be lost, no further twirls!

But bad news came
Through holds and calls
As cancelled was the plan for fall
He hung right up
And stared at set
But cheered right up with his cassettes.

In video
He would not miss his favourite show
To lunge and jog
For years to see
He would not miss Aerobics Queen

And later on
In years to come
Aerobics Queen was back for fun
The big surprise
For all to see
She got picked up on channel three.

At eighty-two
In rocking chair
He’d rock away but still will stare
Through wrinkled eyes
The same routines
His video’s Aerobic Queen.


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2 responses to “Aerobic Queen

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  2. I love this! How great that you still have poems that you wrote from when you were 20.

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